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Good website and tasks for students to improve their science


Science Express is an Online Learning Portal for Malaysia SPM students, offering various teaching and learning materials for tuition, home tuition, self-study and school classes.


In this website, students can find a collection of short notes for a particular topic from a group of experienced tutors and teachers. It entails the concept of mind mapping for easy understanding the key points of a topic. This, this relieves the student's burden of having go through thick textbook. To further help student better understand the content in English, we provide an e-Science dictionary service to help define or explain the meaning of any scientific terms they encounter. 


Besides that, we also provide a study forum for students to discuss or brainstorm on a particular topic. e-Quiz is designed to access students's understanding of a particular topic. Students can select a topic at one time and instantly find out if they have understood what they have learnt and review their understanding of that topic. This e-Quiz is managed by a few volunteer teachers who have years experience in teaching SPM Science. 


We are currently building a series of SPM notes and references by a group of volunteer teachers. The subjects that are currently planned are SPM Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and Adiditional Mathematics. More subjects will be included in this project in the future.  


Course content

  • 1.1 Method of Scientific Investigation

  • 1.2 Scientific Attitudes and Noble Values

  • 2.1 Body Coordination

  • 2.2 The Human Nervous System

  • 2.3 Nervous Coordination

  • 2.4 The Human Brain

  • 3.1(a) Cell Division: Mitosis

  • 3.1 (b) Cell Divison: Meiosis

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