Exploring Epidemiology Together


Ankur Joshi

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Dear friends,

Welcome in the world of active exploration.

Here we are attempting to promote Epidemiological understanding through real time reflective practices  by a collaborative networks of facilitator and learners. The approach is little different from traditional text-book learning as we will be first appreciating the context and concept of ‘the necessity’ of Epidemiologcal thinking in Medicine and health care through active learning. The next sections of the course will be dealing with the approaches in Epidemiology which will integrate the logical thinking with scientific methodologies.

The learning objectives of the courses are as under-

1 To understand and recognize the application of Epidemiological approaches.

2 To apply the Principle of Epidemiology into real problem solving in health care settings.

3 To appreciate the study-designs and their judicious use in specific settings.

Hope to have a grand academic feast ahead.



Course content

  • Can Epidemiology be helpful

  • Confounders in Epidemiological Studies

  • Elements of Research – Study Variables, Types of Variables and Their Summary Measures

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