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This course is specifically designed for Monitoring & Evaluation officers, and other public health or paramedic professionals whose jobs deliverable includes and demands a lot of work on data management. Built entirely out of the experience garnered facilitating training for public health professionals over time, this course focuses on giving you improved capacity & productivity in executing data management, knowing fully well you may have not acquired any graded formal training in this regard. The course is best suited for people who currently are bound to use Microsoft Excel at work for data management as they shall benefit from improved Excel skills for reporting, presentation and analysis.

The spreadsheet application Microsoft Excel can be a complex and confusing program to use, but this course breaks it down into bite-sized pieces and teaches it in plain English. No prior experience in Excel or spreadsheets is required to get the most out of this program. However, a basic familiarity with the workings and interface of Microsoft Office Suite is suggested.

This course has been structured progressively into Modules and Lectures, in which there are explanations on each Lecture and with recommended resources for reading and at least one example to develop & improve your comprehension of each taught topic. Working files are included to allow you to follow along using the same source material that the teacher uses throughout the lecture. Tasks are assigned to each module, most of which would be achieved through lots of samples that will be similar to what has been taught. This we hope help create a virtual feel and hi-level comprehension of every step taking to achieving a task.

By the time you must have completed this course, you will be highly proficient in the use of Excel for any range of data analysis and reporting the professional way. You will be comfortable with the day to day operations that you may need to perform not only on Microsoft Excel but also on any spreadsheet application software program. You will be able to perform calculations, and create professional graphs and charts from your data.

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