Excellence in Customer Satisfaction (CS)


Mehedi Hasan

Asst. Manager

I am working at Brother International. My area of interest is Information Security, Electronics, Digital Forensic and Embedded System as well as Industrial Automation & Security. Before that, I worked with some largest group of company. Also, I have a long term experience to work with Law enforcement and intelligence agencies. I became practically experienced with bellow topics. * Ethical Hacking Countermeasure and Information Security. * Industrial Automation and Electronics Circuit Repairing & Design. * Network Technology like LAN, MAN, WAN, WIFI. * PLC programming with Ladder Logic, DC & AC relay & timer, different types of sensors etc. * ATMEL, PIC and RENESAS Microcontrollar using C/C++. * Keylogger, Phishing method, Metasploit, Kali Linux, Core-impact & some forensic tools/OS. * Electronics & ICT based seminars & workshops. * Visited Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Nepal, Vietnam & India.


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Excellence in Customer Satisfaction (CS)

1. Who is customer?

2. What is customer Satisfaction?

3. What is the Excellence of CS

4. Ultimate goal of CS.

5. Customer to Advocate. 

6. What is the benefit of Advocate?

7. Components of CS.

8. Customer Service Excellence.





Course content

  • Excellence in CS

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