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Welcome to Exact Media Services Camera Operator Training. 

The aim of this course is to equip you with all the knowledge and skills needed to operate our equipment. 

The course starts by introducing you to the equipment and teaching you how to use it. After that, we will move on to some videography classes. 

It is very important to enter this course with an open mind, and READ ALL THE TEXT, as well as WATCH ALL THE VIDEOS. If you skip content then you will most likely not get a full learning experience and will fail the tests in your first attempts. 

When you have a solid idea of the equipment, the videography theory and the skills needed, you will be allocated equipment to make your own video. The video needs to go for 3-5 minutes and can be on any topic of your choosing. The video must include audio and visual. No animation is allowed. 


While you're learning, you may realize that some of the demo videos teach you techniques as well as just the basic operation of the equipment. Listen, watch and think about the points being made by the presenters. The reason i have included so many different videos is so that you can learn from various different people. There is plenty of reading to do too! 

You will also notice that a lot of the learning revolves around photography, "Why isn't it about Video?" - Simple, because photos and video aren't that different. Composition, Camera Controls and Lighting all mostly stay the same, so photography skills are very important basic knowledge. 


Please complete the "Intro Task 1" Now, before you get started. Go to the tasks section and click on the "Intro Task 1" link. 

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