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독일 Marburg대학졸업 오스트리아비엔나대학박사 하바드대학초빙교수

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서양중세인들의 삶과 조건을 영어로 된 각종 자료를 찾아가며 살펴본다. 시대별, 주제별 토픽중심으로 인터넷속에서 영어로된 각종 자료를 조사해서 합동으로 유럽 중세사에 관한 e-book 을 만들어 본다.

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The Fall of the Roman Empire

The Dark Ages

The Early Middle Ages

The Medieval Warm Period

The High Middle Ages

The Late Middle Ages


400-1300 Medieval Era/Art History

Medieval Europe/
Medieval History/2013년2학기/


Annenberg /Learner

17. The Dark Ages 
Barbarian kingdoms took possession of the fragments of the Roman Empire.

18. The Age of Charlemagne 
Charlemagne revived hopes for a new empire in Western Europe.

19. The Middle Ages 
Amid invasion and civil disorder, a military aristocracy dominated the kingdoms of Europe.

20. The Feudal Order 
Bishop, knight, and peasant exemplified some of the social divisions of the year 1000 A.D.

21. Common Life in the Middle Ages 
Famine, disease, and short life expectancies were the conditions that shaped medieval beliefs.

22. Cities and Cathedrals of the Middle Ages 
The great churches embodied the material and spiritual ambitions of the age.

23. The Late Middle Ages 
Two hundred years of war and plague debilitated Europe.


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    • Lepine, David; Proutt, Geoff (Dartford Town Archive, 2009-01-01)
      This article describes several types of medieval industry in the town of Dartford, such as tanning and milling.
    • Hasall, Paul (Fordham University's Internet Medieval History Sourcebook, 1998-09-01)
      These two primary sources for this sub-subunit, via Fordham UniversityÕs Internet Medieval History Sourcebook, indicate that humans should take what they need from the natural world as necessary. Also, they demonstrate ...
    • Muhlberger, Steven (Online Reference Book, 1999-01-01)
      This resource provides history on Norman Conquest of 1066, the Battle of Hastings, and other events surrounding this historical conflict in England.
    • Hartman, Rachel (Strange Horizons, 2001-02-12)
      In this informative article, Rachel Hartman explains which tasks happened when during a typical medieval agricultural year.
    • Rippon, Stephen (, University of Exeter, 2011-02-09)
      Soil depletion from many centuries of agriculture led landowners to reclaim alluvial soil as arable land.
    • Matthew, Brander (, 2002-01-01)
      This article provides a general history of dramatic literature as it developed in the Middle Ages including but not limited to cycle plays, mystery plays, and miracle plays.
    • Kreis, Steven (, The History Guide: Lectures on Ancient and Medieval History, 2008-09-24)
      Read this lecture to learn what the Òthree ordersÓ were and what the significance of such a tripartite division of society to Europe in Medieval and subsequent eras was.
    • Kreis, Steven (, The History Guide: Lectures on Ancient and Medieval History, 2009-08-03)
      Steven Kreis explores the medieval world view and the intellectual and religious environment in Europe during the Middle Ages.
    • Pearson Education (Pearson Education, 2010)
      This is a multiple choice test with questions about the art of the Medieval period in Europe. There are 5 questions.
    • Muhlberger, Steven (Online Reference Book, 1999-01-01)
      This source provides some background history on early english society, focusing on small kingdoms and rural societies in the 6th and 7th centuries.

    Now showing items 1-10 of 1693


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    • THE EARLY MIDDLE AGES, 284–1000

    • "A History of the World since 1300"

    • Medieval Lectures

    • Medieval Features

    • World History/Crash Course

    • World History /Khan Academy

    • The Future of History/Dan Cohen/역사학의 미래

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