Michel Remi Njiki


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Dear Students, 

Welcome to this course on the EU Environmental Law and Policy. It is a great pleasure for me to have been granted the opportunity to share this learning experience with you. I'm enthusiastically committed to trying to make it a very rewarding and useful experience for all. I hope this will help sharpen your skills as jurists or legal experts and have you understand in a very knowledgeable and creative way the complexities of EU Environmental Law and Policy and enhance your own studies. Personally, I Believe that knowledge makes us better persons, and therefore, I hope this experience will be transformative for both you and me, and makes us grow as jurists and as persons.

Best wishes, 

The Teacher



Course content



  • Topic I. The EU. Structure, Objectives and Powers.

  • Topic II. Sources of the EU Environmental Law

  • Topic III. The Environment Policy: Objectives, Principles and Resources

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