Kyrene Dizon


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The course introduces ethics and ethical theories; provides discussions on the ethical dilemmas and issues facing IT practitioners. An appreciation and discussion of the Code of Ethics of I. T. Professionals; milestones and issues associated information technology, cybercrimes and appropriate Philippine Laws are also discussed.


At the end of the semester, the students can:

   a. Discuss and explain the different technologies in Information Technology.

   b. Discuss and explain the different ethical and moral values.

   c. Analyze different ethical and moral issues associated with Information Technology.

   d. Discuss the code of ethics for important and computer-related disciplines.


Course Requirements:

·        Completed major exams (Midterm and Finals)

·        90% Activity Outputs and Passed Papers (Reaction, Position, etc.)


Grading System:

   Attendance/Quizzes                                 - 20%  

   Class Participation/ Activity/Papers          - 30%

   Midterm Exam                                          - 50%

  Total                                                           100%  


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