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Film 8 Intro

HI there, I will be your instructor, Mrs. Evelyn Welsh. I'm glad to take you through this introduction to Film. We will be using daily activities and projects to practice all of the elements that go into a successful film production. This means at some point you should be in the director's, actors, editor, and producers shoes. The number one rule is to say yes to the ideas that start flowing and see where your imagination takes you!


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This course is centralized around three modules "the beginning, the middle, the end," as this simple story arc helps us tell great stories to our audience. The majority of this course will be face to face in the classroom, however, the online content is meant to act as a guide and a resource to help you create a final film that represents your best work. It is also a place to post your discussion reflections.


After this course you should be able to:

* Implement appropriate camera angles and techniques into your film work and final project

* Demonstrate an ability to write in screenplay format

*Utilize directing techniques to visually, emotionally progress the story                 

* Analyze and critique films for directing, camera and acting technique

During this course you will create:

* An independent short script in proper screen format

* Work collaboratively in groups to demonstrate the above techniques in both daily activity and final project 


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