ETEC 565 Grade 8 Poetry  - Express Yourself!


Kirsten Ng

UBC MET Student

Welcome to my Poetry course. I am currently enrolled in UBC's Master of Educational Technology program. I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree with majors in English Literature and History and a Master's degree in Information Studies. Libraries' core value has always been to promote literacies. As a digital services librarian, I champion multi-literacies and equitable access to ebooks and all things e. I am delighted whenever library users tell me that mobile devices and apps are empowering them and enhancing their reading experiences. That being said, while I am attached to my Kobo Aura e-reader, I appreciate the tactile properties of a 'real' paper book. And despite being immersed in gadgets and gizmos in a typical work day, I am a true pen and paper loyalist who recently joined the Fountain Pen Network, a global community of individuals talking ink and other nerdy things.


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Welcome to Grade 8 Poetry - Express Yourself!



Here are our learning goals for this online course:


Learning Goal #1.  I can understand and respond to slam poetry.
Success criteria:
·         I can read a poem and understand that it has a surface meaning and a deeper meaning.
·         I am able to compare two poems and to explain my comparison.
·         I am able to explain my preferences and connections to poetry.


Learning Goal #2.  I can read, or watch, slam poetry and identify effective literary tools and strategies that the poet chose to use.
Success criteria:
·         I know the difference between a simile and a metaphor.
·         I understand how to spot symbolism, irony, and hyperbole in a written poem.
·         I can observe the use of literary strategies by watching videos of slam poets.


Learning Goal #3.  I can write and present poetry to convey an idea, a thought, or a feeling using my unique voice.
Success criteria:
·         I understand symbolism, irony, hyperbole, metaphor, and simile and I can identify examples in a written poem.
·         I post my poetry to the discussion forum to share my unique voice.
·         I look for the best word to fit what I am trying to say.

Learning Goal #4.  I can provide positive feedback and constructive criticism for the written and performed work of my peers.
Success criteria:
·         I underline a specific part of a poem by using the Suggested Edits tool in Google Docs, and I explain the connections I made.


Learning Goal #5.  I can reflect on, and identify my strengths in poetry and next steps for improvement in my writing.
Success criteria:
·         I write my poems at least two days before they are due. This gives me time to think of a better word, or a better way to share my ideas.
·         I find the parts in my poems that I like, and I analyze them to figure out what makes those parts effective.
·         I find the part of my poem that need work and determine what could make them better.
·         I use several strategies to improve my writing including rereading my work, conferencing with the instructor, conferencing with a friend, and           comparing it to the works of another poet I respect.


How your work and participation will be assessed

You will:

  • Publish your poetic works in the Discussion Forum, as well, you have the option to use the class Twitter page (#etec565gr8poetry), and provide feedback to your classmates' poetry

  • Participate in a Virtual Poetry Slam using Google Hangouts on Air using your Slam poem from Week 6

  • Finally, you will be asked to reflect on your writing using the Discussion forum and Google Docs OR Slides and identify a variety of strategies you used before, during and after writing: explain which ones were most helpful, and suggest future steps you can take to further improve as a writer


Course content

  • Introductory Module

  • -- Introductory Activities [Week 1]

  • Unit 1 - How Do People Write Poems?

  • -- Unit 1 [ Week 2 ]

  • -- Unit 1 [ Week 3 ]

  • Unit 2 - Share Who I Am

  • -- Unit 2 [ Week 4 ]

  • -- Unit 2 [ Week 5 ]

  • Unit 3 - Spoken Word Poetry as Expression

  • -- Unit 3 [ Week 6 ]

  • -- Unit 3 [ Week 7 ]

  • Assignments

  • Readings & Resources

  • Tech Tips & Tuts

  • -- How To: Set up a YouTube playlist

  • -- How To: Set up an Unlisted Hangout on Air (HOA) and Broadcast to YouTube

  • Where Can I Get Help?

  • Digital Citizenship

  • References

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