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Welcome everybody to this virtual classroom which is directly intended to those who are interested in developing their English language skills, taking the IELTS for their future studies as well as studying or will study in an English speaking University. 
This class is going to be for 1 month only. Topics and subjects discussed during that time will cover a few points. However, the class may be extended in the future to work with more into depth topics and those of your interest.

In this virtual place, we are going to focus on some essential issues related to studying materials in English. Therefore, language skills represented in listening, reading, and writing will be main skills to deal with and tackle. The lessons and their explanations will be presented for you on the page, accompanied with reading materials most of the times. So, this will help you to read, compare, learn, study and develop your language skills in your OWN. Thus, it is your RESPOSIBILITY to study and improve yourself in English. There will be assignments ( Homework ) to do and to be submitted in a specific time, quizzes to take and of course BADGES for hard working students who show good commitment.

Due to the fact that I am not a native speaker, I do highly appreciate your help and support to improve this class in the future. This can be done by spotting and reporting any mistake I may have made unintentionally whether it is a spelling or grammatical one. I also will be glad if you support me with your feedback ( opinion ) about this class and the topics covered as it is very important to me. Here, we are going to learn from each other and share some ideas and thoughts to improve ourselves in English. 

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