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Lisa Behan
I completed this course much more quickly than first planned as it was so interesting. Great course with good videos and brilliant pictures too.
Lisa Behan
Lisa Behan
Amazing to learn so much about the way a horse learns and thinks. So many lovely photos too. I love the videos too.


Equine Online Learning- Equine Psychology & Behaviour


This course gives an insight into the wonderful but sometimes hidden world of the horse. You’ll learn about the psychology and behaviour of the horse in its natural habitat and in the managed environment. Take a fascinating journey into the equine world, deepen your understanding of equine communication and learn how to connect better with your horse.

This course is suitable for all learners from beginners through to more experienced students.



This course includes the following modules:


Module 1: The Evolution of the horse

Module 2: The Basics of Genetics and Breeding

Module 3: Equine Learning Theory

Module 4 :Equine Communication

Module 5: Equine Behaviour

Module 6: Understanding & Improving our relationship with horses


Study time: Approximately 8 hours

Suitable for: Students of all abilities from beginners upwards.

*Please note this is an online course so you will need access to a laptop or computer and the internet.


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