Environmental Sustainability for Hotels (free preview)


Matti Korhonen

Environmental Expert

I’m the co-founder and the environmental expert of Ecompter. I have gained deep knowledge in the fields of environmental sustainability and CO2 calculations through my university studies and working career. I have a master’s degree in environmental economics, and I have been working the last eight years within environmental issues of the tourism industry. During my career I have been involved in developing sustainability issues of several hotel chains and dozens of independent hotels. I have also calculated carbon footprints of over 150 hotels.

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Pasi Halmari


Improve your environmental performance to gain true win-win between the environment and your business. 

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Sustainability is the new black. Both consumers and corporate customers are nowadays expecting sustainability from their hotel suppliers and accordingly hotels want to convince their customers about their sustainability and at the same time they look for ways to cut consumption and costs. 

Learning objectives and outcome

The course will carry you through the concepts of what does environmental sustainability mean in hotel business? And How do you implement and manage sustainability? Furthermore we will cover the three main areas of the sustainability process: implementing, measuring and communicating the sustainability initiatives at a hotel. You will learn the guidelines, some theory and get hands-on advice to be used in your own work.

This course is introductory level, thus no particular background information on sustainability processes is required. 

At the end of the course there is an assignment template which you can use to utilize all your learning.


The course has 4 modules with four "seven minutes of sustainability" lectures covering different aspects of the given topic. The course and the duration is 8 weeks.

About Instructor

The head instructor of the course is co-founder and environmental expert of Ecompter, Mr. Matti Korhonen. Matti has extensive experience in sustainability and carbon footprint measurement within the hotel and hospitality industry.

Overview of the course syllabus

Course contains four modules

On first - introduction module - we take a look to

  • Introduction to sustainability
  • Business benefits of sustainability
  • Demand for sustainability
  • Environmental sustainability in the hotel business

Second module is about measuring.

  • Why to measure?
  • What to measure?
  • Key performance indicator of environmental sustainability
  • Carbon footprint and offsetting

Third module focuses on implementation of sustainability process

  • Managing sustainability work
  • Environmental management program
  • Employee engagement
  • Continual improvement

Fourth module covers communication about sustainability

  • Why to communicate
  • Basic principles of the sustainability communication
  • Message
  • Channels

Course content

  • Introduction: Lecture 1 - Course Introduction

  • Introduction: Lecture 2 - Business Benefits of Sustainability

  • Introduction: Lecture 3 - Is There a Demand For Sustainability

  • Introduction: Lecture 4 - Sustainability in Hotel Business

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