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I currently teach Environmental Science and Botany at Weymouth High School. I hold a doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction from Capella University, a master degree in public health with a focus on health promotion and disease prevention from Florida International University and a bachelor degree in Microbiology from University of Miami. I have two dachshunds named Bassy and Lelu and my favorite activity is Yoga. I am also a certified yoga instructor and teach two advanced classes a week.

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Environmental Science College Prep:

Students will learn the key features of ecology by studying energy flow and chemical cycling through the ecosystem, ecosystem succession, predator-prey relationships, natural selection, population dynamics and invasive and endangered species. Students will analyze current local and global environmental issues such as pollution, global climate change, and environmental public health issues, and utilize problem solving and critical thinking skills to propose solutions for these problems. Students will develop at least one major project that connects human society to environmental processes. Students will learn about the vast number of career opportunities within the environmental science discipline and explore these career opportunities through projects, being exposed to speakers or having hands on experience.



         The zombies are long gone. They were not Hollywood zombies, rabid humans who come back time and again threatening to bite you and spread their plague. Zombies, from the word zombi, a slave word that meant, "one who could not return (to Africa)" is the term that we used for the infected. A maddening virus that drove people insane before it liquefied their internal organs destroyed the majority of Earths population in the year 2525. Of course, you don't remember this; you were one of a group of (class number) who were selected to be held in cryogenic stasis. Left by the leaders of fallen civilizations to rebuild the human race. As one of the few remaining humans you are left a world ravaged by wars both militant and environmental.

       The earth has returned. Left un-harassed by human intervention the plants and animals have moved back into lands previously requisitioned by the human race. What was once pavement and skyscrapers now holds only shadows of its previous glory. Kuskuda vine has reclaimed any edifice previously inhabited by man. Buildings have fallen and pavement crumbled. Wild animals have flourished and predators have inhabited the lands. This leaves the majority of the world a harsh dangerous place for a small civilization to grow. This is why you have been placed on the island of ISLAND in the PLACE. Isolated from the rest of the world.

      The Island that you and your tribe have come to live on is vibrant and full of life. Your team has all of the resources it needs to develop into a successful just have to use and treat them right. Through out this course you will go on a journey of development, from the most basic of civilizations using stone tools and living in huts to an advanced civilization. That is if your team makes the right choices for your society and your environment. If you make the wrong choices, the choices of your predecessors then you will end up like them…extinct. You will not only learn about, but also experience the dynamic interactions between your society and your environment. Making the vital connection between the biosphere and the continuation of the human race………….our survival rests in your hands.

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