Environmental Responsibility in the Hospitality Industry


Mia Tarhanen



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Course description

Environmental Responsibility in the Hospitality Industry gives an overview on environmental management for future hospitality and tourism professionals. The course focuses on how to manage environmental impact of the business operations, introduces tools and measurement methods, as well as policy guidelines and regulations. The course provides essential knowledge and understanding in environmentally responsible business context.

After successful completing the course the student knows basic facts of environmental management and understands the meaning of environmental responsibility as a part of competitive business practices. Also, the course gives practical information how to plan and build up main steps for environmental management system.


Learning outcomes
Upon successful completion of the course, the student
·   understands the concept of environmental management in the hospitality and tourism industry
·   understands the content and process of environmental management as a part of strategic corporate development
·   has the skills to take part in developing environmental responsibility operations on the corporate level
·   has the capacity to analyze the state of environmental management

Course content
·  Concepts and definitions
·  Environmental impact
·  Steering policy guidelines and regulations
·  Specific environmental management systems, such as EMAS, ISO14001 and Green Office
·  Environmental management systems, planning, measure methods and tools
·  Implementation of an environmental management system step-by-step
·  Future challenges

-Task 1: Media review 10% (chapters 1-3) - individual task
-Task 2: Ecolabels 25 % (chapters 5-6) - doable in teams of 2 or individually
-Task 3: Industry case 40 % (chapter 4) - doable in teams of 2 or individually
-Task 4: Questionnaire 25% (chapters 1-7 including all the documents, links and videos) - individual task
-Self-study -tasks: not to be returned
Teacher with the main responsibility for the course
HAAGA-HELIA: Mia Tarhanen 

Course content

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