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This Unit is assessed by an exhibition that you will create in groups of 2-3.

Each group should be looking at a different aspect of the environment.

Read through this site, watch videos and read the website links, and go through the tasks on the tab above.


This unit gives learners opportunities to explore a wide range of ways in which human activities may influence
the environment, and the potential effects on human health of factors resulting from this. Learners will also
investigate strategies that have been developed to reduce the impact of human activities on the environment,
including legislation.

This unit will be useful for learners planning to work in the health and social care sectors, as it will give them
an understanding of the health risks in the local and global environment that could affect themselves and
patients or users of their services. It will also be useful for learners aiming to study at a higher level.


















Course content

  • Urbanisation and Population Density

  • Intensification of Agriculture

  • Pollution of Environment

  • Energy

  • An overview of the effects on human health

  • Videos and Website Links

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