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Course Name: English I

Credits: 2.00

Description:  In English I, we will explore the complementary themes of coming of age and the quest for identity. The thematic focus of this course provides us with a platform from which we can develop our skills as critical thinkers, readers, and writers. In our reading and discussion of various texts—including short stories, poetry, novels, and films—we will consider both the meaning and form of the works. Throughout the course we will write in a variety of genres including personal narrative, reflection, and literary analysis.


  • To understand language as a tool both to express and define identity
  • To develop skill, control, fluency, and confidence in written language
  • To understand how ideas express themselves through texts
  • To develop skills of critical, analytical thinking
  • To practice different methods of delivering information to an audience and continually to become more aware of how our methods of presentation impact our audiences

Student Performance:

  • Regular close reading of a variety of texts
  • Daily class discussions
  • Informal and formal writing assignments
  • The creation of creative and academic presentations based on the students’ interpretations of the course’s texts and ideas


  • Objective and essay tests and quizzes
  • Formal and informal writing assignments
  • Active participation in small and large group discussion and activities

Course content

  • Writing Assignments

  • Writing Policies

  • Outside Reading

  • Passing Requiremets

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