English grammar - using gerunds as subject and object

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Giles Parker

English teacher and teacher-trainer

Hi! My name's Giles Parker. By way of a brief resume, I'm a dynamic EFL and ESL classroom teacher, a CELTA-qualified teacher-trainer, and an academic manager - which is like herding cats. I have 28 years teaching, training and managing experience in the UK, Asia, the USA, and now Italy, where I am based. I especially love the day-to-day teaching of academic composition and academic presentation for EFL and ESL students who usually have such low expectations at first but who are blown away when their writing dramatically improves, as it usually does. Another passion I have is for training and mentoring new EFL and ESL teachers. It is great to watch new teachers create better and better lessons for their students. I hope this gives you an idea of what I'm about. I also hope you like these online teacher-training videos. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or suggestions on how they can be improved. Ciao! Giles.


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In English, we often want to use a verb as the subject or the object of a sentence, such as 'Running marathons is my hobby' or 'I love running marathons'. In these examples running marathons looks like a verb but in both cases it is a gerund that becomes the subject or the object. How do we make gerunds into subjects and objects?  This complete 1.5 hour online interactive English course will show you. You can increase your English grammar ability, your English comprehension AND your vocabulary and pronunciation. You can learn more English, faster, anytime you want, anywhere you want.

The grammar point is presented in the context of a reading and listening comprehension text where you can turn on and off the reading or listening. There is also high-lighted vocabulary to help you understand the text faster. You can test you reading and listening skills in the interactive comprehension test. You can learn more about the grammar point in the interactive grammar lesson and learn the meaning and form and practice pronunciation in the vocabulary lesson. There are also interactive online language learning games for this lesson. 

One of the great things about these lessons is that you can choose whatever you want to do - whenever you want to do it. You don't have to start at the beginning and finish at the end - you can choose the lesson, test or game that interests you the most and do that first, then pick another lesson or game. You choose how you want to learn!

If you are using an iPad you will be asked to download a free app from the iTunes Store called Articulate Mobile Player. This will let you download and take the courses anywhere, anytime.

Course content

  • Welcome survey

  • Reading and listening lesson - Preparing for a marathon

  • Reading and listening test

  • Grammar lesson - how to use gerunds as subject and objects

  • Grammar test

  • Just the vocabulary lesson

  • Vocabulary test

  • Language learning games

  • End of course feedback survey

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