English grammar - how to make and use stative verbs

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Giles Parker

English teacher and teacher-trainer

Hi! My name's Giles Parker. By way of a brief resume, I'm a dynamic EFL and ESL classroom teacher, a CELTA-qualified teacher-trainer, and an academic manager - which is like herding cats. I have 28 years teaching, training and managing experience in the UK, Asia, the USA, and now Italy, where I am based. I especially love the day-to-day teaching of academic composition and academic presentation for EFL and ESL students who usually have such low expectations at first but who are blown away when their writing dramatically improves, as it usually does. Another passion I have is for training and mentoring new EFL and ESL teachers. It is great to watch new teachers create better and better lessons for their students. I hope this gives you an idea of what I'm about. I also hope you like these online teacher-training videos. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or suggestions on how they can be improved. Ciao! Giles.


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English grammar -  in this complete interactive online English course we’re going to learn about stative verbs, and in particular, how that famous burger chain, McDonalds shows us that English grammar rules can change. This lesson is aimed at intermediate learners but anyone can learn something new from the interactive vocabulary lesson or the online grammar lesson, or just improve your English listening and reading comprehension and pronunciation.

This course focuses on how to make and use stative verbs. A stative verb is a verb that doesn’t talk about an action or something that you do. Instead, stative verbs talk about a state, or a way of being, maybe something more internal, something inside you, but not an action. Stative verbs talk about emotions, appearances, preferences, mental states, possessions, and measurements. Grammatically, you can’t usually make a stative verb like ‘to love’ into the continuous or progressive by adding ‘to be’ and ‘ing’. For most native speakers, that usually sounds very strange. Some people say it just isn’t correct.

McDonalds is showing us that grammar rules change and that in this case we can use a stative verb with ‘to be’ and ‘ing’. This doesn’t make it active, like you are really doing it, but perhaps it gives a sense of action to an emotion, or a preference, etc. This makes the internal state more immediate, more ‘now’. Perhaps McDonalds is using old words in new ways to give new meanings. I wonder what other companies help change language? Maybe I should google that.

Course content

  • Welcome to the course

  • Practice your reading and listening - 'McLanguage change'

  • Test your comprehension

  • Grammar lesson - how to make and use stative verbs

  • Test your grammar skills

  • Learn new vocabulary

  • Test your vocabulary knowledge

  • Game - Fishing for nouns

  • Game - Adjectives Trivia

  • Game - Grammar Speed Way

  • Game - Verbs Millionaire

  • Game - Nouns Board game

  • End of course feedback

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