English For Trainees - Practice Makes Perfect (6 Months)

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Price is a subject for European Value Added Tax (VAT). If you live outside of EU, you won't have to pay VAT. If you do live in EU, we will automatically calculate correct amount of VAT based on your billing country.


With more than 10,000 original videos and over 32,000 interactive exercises from a variety of topics is the largest language learning video portal in the world. The international company headquartered in Hanover, Germany has already won several awards for its unique language learning solutions. In addition to the Comenius Award was including the International E-Learning Award, the Worlddidac Award, the German Education Media Award "digita", and the "Top 100" award for the most innovative company awards. Since July 2013 is TÜV certified. Individual learning solutions such as video language courses English can be tested for free and without obligation under

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Practice makes perfect!

Fine-tune your English for successfull meetings.

Making calls, presenting, entertaining guests, participating successfully in meetings – practice makes perfect. Interesting language learning videos and interactive grammar and pronunciation exercises will improve more than just your English. With this course you will achieve proficiency level B1.


Improve your English with:

 27 interactive language learning videos

 27 sets of interactive pronunciation exercises

 273 interactive exercises covering grammar and listening comprehension

 108 intermediate tests for tracking your learning progress

This is how it works:

Each video comes with original subtitles in English. The best thing is: They are fitting word by word. So you are learning the language by watching the scenes, hearing the words and reading the subtitles.

Afterwards you are going to use the special pronunciation coach. Naturally, the sentences are the same you heard in the video before. Listen to each sentence again and improve your skills at the microphone. You will get feedback directly. So that’s how you will be almost a native speaker in the future. Check it out!   

And here is your special English learning content:

      Unit 1 Current Affairs

  • 2012: A Good Year for Britain's Royals
  • Smartphones Get Smarter in 2012

    Unit 2 Managing Visitors
  • Germany Making a Splash in the Kitchen
  • Showing Someone Around
  • A Personal Assistant

    Unit 3 Participating in Meetings
  • Participating in Meetings: Talking Points
  • Participating in Meetings: The Meeting
  • Participating in Meetings: The Expert View

    Unit 4 Presentations
  • Structuring your Presentation: Talking Points
  • Structuring your Presentation: The Presentation
  • Structuring your Presentation: The Expert View
  • Introducing Your Presentation: Talking Points
  • Introducing Your Presentation: The Presentation

    Unit 5 Small Talk
  • The First Day in a New Job
  • Making Conversation
  • Cultural Differences

    Unit 6 Talking about Jobs
  • Personal Assistant
  • Oxford City Council
  • Sales Manager Clothing
  • Used Car Salesman
  • Webmaster

    Unit 7 Telephoning
  • Handling Information (wrong)
  • Handling Information (right)
  • Communication Breakdown (wrong)
  • Communication Breakdown (right)
  • Making Plans (wrong)
  • Making Plans (right)

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