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Aviation Instructor


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Dear technicians


Welcome to the course!



1. In the course there are several units in which you will find a video or a Power Point presentation explaining you the topic.

2. After it you will do some exercises related to the unit, take a printscreen of the scores and uploaded them in a Word File in the Tareas part.

3. Assesment is the "homework" you have to do, sometimes is a quiz, others a text analysis, download it your computer, then do the asignment, when you finish upload it in the "exámenes" button.

4. There is a forum in where you can find texts, please write your opinions, it is also an activity that will be evaluate it.

5. If you have any question or you need any support about  any academical topic please contact the instructor to marie.florian@ieta.edu.co

6. The course is going to finish June 30, after it there is not possibility to upload any activity.

7. You can advance the units you want according to your time avalaibility.

8. At the end of the course you will receive a certificate, print it and present it in Academic Coordination to assure you already passed the course and refresh the academical system.



We wish you the  best!!



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