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Welcome to English for Advanced Learners! This course is for middle school students learning English in the USA. This is a year long course. (Group 4)

Information on Poem Unit Plan:
Students are going to explore the world of poetry this unit! They will learnt the essential traits of poems including literary devices, grammar, and structure. We will then cover a variety of poems that the students will be able to practice writing and reading. Students will cover how to present poetry using intonation and 
rhythm. At the end of the unit, students are asked to write a poem of their choosing and then present in in front of the class using the techniques we've learned in class. 

A variety of tools are used in class from worksheets, to visuals, to group work, to partner work. Students till general sit in tables of four and then be asked to partner up with someone at their table. Homework is assigned for some of the lessons and this is to be individually at home and then returned during the next class. Homework will be graded and used to gauge students progress throughout the unit, and the final assessment will be their poem that they present to the class. 

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