Andrea Carriero

EFL Teacher - University of Cambridge

Hola! mi nombre es Andrea Carriero, soy profesora de Inglés acreditada por la Universidad de Cambridge, Inglaterra con 20 años de experiencia en la enseñanza del idioma, especializándome en enseñanza de inglés para adultos y preparación de exámenes internacionales (FCE, CPE, IELTS, TOEFL, etc.) Además tengo experiencia en traducciones inglés-español y viceversa, así como también experiencia como intérprete. Actualmente me desempeño como profesora en Canadian English Learning; academia de inglés en Montevideo, Uruguay que se focaliza en cursos para adultos en grupos reducidos. Gracias al avance de la tecnología, hoy contamos son varios los alumnos del exterior estudiando en modalidad online. Welcome to the course!

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sebatian ferreira
Great person and teacher. I improve a lot my english level. Thanks Andrea!!
Victor Silva
Antonieta Gomez
Geraldine Gómez


It is great to know that you have reached this level, and this means that with effort and perseverance your knowledge of English has improved. Now it is time to handle the language and realize all the doors that will be open in front of you, since the moment that you start using English in a proper way.

As for now, everyday you will have to keep walking in the path of learning, and you should keep in mind the following tips:

* Be confident and positive.

* Try to listen, watch and read as much English as you can.

* Remember that in this stage your goal is not only to 'know English', but to reach the top,  and in order to achieve that  you should not settle for less than the best.

I hope this course will be of great value and remember...

'Where there's a will, there's a way'

Course content

  • Handbook Level 5

  • Lesson 65- Past Perfect

  • Lesson 66- Conditional  3rd Type

  • Lesson 67- Could have

  • Lesson 68- Must have

  • Lesson 69- Phrasal Verbs II

  • Lesson 70- Wishes

  • Lesson 71- Connectors of Contrast

  • Lesson 72- Connectors of Addition

  • Lesson 73- Articles

  • Lesson 74- Had better

  • Lesson 75- Question Tags

  • Introductory Speaking Class-

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