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This is a short course, meant to be taken over the course of a few weeks. We will focus primarily on educational writing, but will also include some speaking activities you can do to increase your abilities. 

Lesson 1, Outlining Your Essay:

  • Review of a thesis statement, and how to outline an essay.
  • The five paragraphs of an educational essay.

Lesson 2, Editing for Sentence Fragments:

  • How to identify sentence fragments.
  • The parts of a sentence.

Lesson 3, Editing for Subject/Verb Agreement:

  • Plural and singular verbs.
  • When to use is/are.
  • The verb tenses (present, present progressive, past, and others)

Lesson 4, Editing for Capitalization and Punctuation:

  • When to use periods, question marks, and exclamation points.
  • Using a comma.
  • Knowing what to capitalize.
  • Possessive apostrophes.

Lesson 5, Techniques to Increase Speaking Ability (links provided)

  • Mimic mouth shape.
  • Listen to English music
  • Practice with native speakers.
  • Watch English movies and videos.

Lesson 6, English Slang and Sarcasm.

  • Popular slang terms and their meanings.
  • How to recognize sarcasm.

Assignments are given for each lesson, but the overall assignment will be the paper you work on and revise. There are no due dates so you can work on things at your own pace, but please take the course in order. That way you get the material you need in the order you need to know it in. Thank you for taking my course, and please email me with any questions!


Course content

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