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  • Bullying
  • Harassment                                                       =  Independent Lecture (class time) 
  • Continuous Talking out of turn                                     
  • etc..


  • Cheating in HW
  • Different level of harassment/ bullying               = Lunch Time lecture + THREAT.... 
  • swearing 
  • Inappropriate body language


  • Cheating
  • Super HIGH LEVEL OF harassment/bullying        = THREAT COMES TO LIVE..... 
  • Stealing




A Refocus on Dress Code at ISG Jubail


Thu Mar 10, 2016 3:30pm

Dear Parents,


Please be reminded the ISG Jubail Dress Code is the following:

  • Clothing worn to school must be clean, well maintained (without tears/holes), hemmed (not dragging on the floor) and loose fitting. Pants are to be no lower than hipbone level.
  • All clothing should cover undergarments from being outwardly visible.
  • Clothing with offensive and/or distracting pictures/words is not acceptable. Clothing that displays any pictures, symbols or language that represents violence, illicit drugs, or anything that would not be acceptable in the host country is not permissible.
  • Students are encouraged to bring caps and hats to wear during hot weather while they are outside, but may not be worn inside the school building.
  • Shoes that pose a safety concern are not permissible.  .
  • Sleeves on shirts, blouses, and dresses must cover shoulders. Blouses and shirts must have a modest neckline and not be made of see-through fabric. Blouses and shirts must not allow any skin to be shown in the midriff at any time during any activity.
  • Students are asked to wear PE Uniform during PE class.
  • Leggings and tights are not to be worn as the primary clothing. They may only be worn as undergarments. Leggings and tights may be worn during PE with shorts. If leggings are worn as an undergarment they must have a garment over them that comes past the fingertips when arms are extended straight at one’s side.
  • Students in all classes may wear shorts. Shorts length must be below fingertips when arms are extended straight at one's side. Skirts and dresses must reach to the top of the knees for all students in all grade levels.


Kind regards,


Dan Mock

Principal, ISG Jubail



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