Julia Smythe

Faculty, English 100

"Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity." I am the English 100 Instructor at the Salem Educational Center for Kaskaskia College. I have a lot of experience teaching diverse groups of learners. For over two years now, I have been teaching academic writing for the college. My professional teaching experience started in 2005 when I was offered a scholarship teaching a college freshmen reading and writing course at Southern Illinois University Carbondale--go Salukis!--while earning my Master's in education. My teaching experience continued in South Florida where I taught English at a private school and then at a local high school. I have worked with learners from all over the world; some of them came from places like China, Kazakhstan, Poland, Korea, Haiti, Brazil, and Paris! In turn, they have taught me many things as well--annyeonghaseyo! I love culture, diversity, political science, and making people think critically about the world around them.


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This course is designed to help students to develop the writing skills needed to succeed in college. The class will focus on teaching essay writing as a process from prewriting to editing. Students will learn the expectations for college-level essays and will learn the basic rules for grammar and punctuation, which will help them edit their own writing.


Course Content Outcomes
After completion of ENGL 100, a student should be able to perform the following at a 70% or better success rate:

  1. Understand writing as a process that includes prewriting, organizing, drafting, revising, and editing.
  2. Learn and use effective strategies for each stage of the writing process.
  3. Create clear and well-developed paragraphs through the use of topic sentences, supporting details, and concluding sentences.
  4. Combine paragraphs to form essays.
  5. Develop effective thesis statements.
  6. Learn how to maintain and support a thesis statement throughout the essay.
  7. Recognizing parts of speech and primary sentence elements.
  8. Identify and correctly combine independent and dependent clauses.
  9. Identify and correct the most common and serious errors in grammar and punctuation.
  10. Learn to use standard written English and recognize its importance.
  11. Recognize different audience needs and expectations, and learn how to adjust writing accordingly.

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