Bess Franklin


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This course is made available for students to learn more about endangered species and for participants to have the chance to expand their knowledge on the subject through presenting their information with different mediums. 


Description of End Project:

The description of the end project is for students to research an endangered animal on Earth. Once chosen, they must discover reasons why it is endangered, and what is being done to help this animal. They will also describe basic facts of their chosen animal and present their discoveries in a clear powerpoint presentation.



1: Students will  use different resource researching methods in learning more about an endangered animal on planet Earth.

2: Students will define the reason for their animal being endangered and steps or ideas on how people or organizations are protecting it.

3. Students will portray characteristics of their animal such as habitat, diet, pictures, lifespan.

4: Students will learn to cite their sources and quote facts learned in their presentation.

5: Students will present their information in a powerpoint presentation in a clear and organized way.



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