Encouraging Employee Adoption of New Technology


Sarah Camsell


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Technology in business is a requirement in today’s operational environment.  Use of technology has both tangible and intangible results that make it an imperative tool in the modern organization.  Communication has become instantaneous with email, instant messaging and video conferencing.  These tools have become the backbone of organizational communication.  Businesses can have unprecedented access to their customer base with social media sites, where they can advertise and find new customers.   

Unfortunately, employees are often very resistant to changes to the technological tools for many reasons.    Employees often resist change simply because they do not understand the positive effects it will have on the organization.  Another major reason employees resist any change is the workplace is a lack of competence.  Lack of reward is another big reason why employees fight the changes being implemented.  Nearly 50 percent of companies faced serious challenges with business software changes and user adoption, according to a AMR Research in 2009. A survey of Fortune 500 executives in 2011 cited “resistance” as the primary reason that changes fail in organizations. 

User acceptance to new technology can be measured by a number of methods.  Both the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) and the Unified Theory of Acceptance Use of Technology (UTAUT) try to explain the degree of acceptance of the use of information technology. These theories ascertain the user’s ability to accept and use new technology. Institutions and organizations often use these theories to predict the level of acceptance employees will have towards their new technology solution.  This mini-course will explain the UTAUT, and briefly discuss TAM, as it was one of the main influences of the Unified Theory. 

After each lesson, there are discussion questions you should answer in the class forum, as well as a quiz to test your knowledge of the lesson. 

Course content

  • LESSON 1: User Acceptance of Technology in the Workplace

  • LESSON 2: Technology Acceptance Model and Unified Theory of Acceptance Use

  • LESSON 3: Engaging the Employees



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