Encore: A Cappella Pop Arranging


Megan Lied


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This course will guide you to arrange a pop song for an a cappella group that we can hopefully add to Encore's rep later in the year.  If you check "tasks," you'll see that I've created assignments for you.  They do have due dates, but if you choose to work ahead (if you're doing next to nothing with your summer, you could probably finish in a week), or if you need more time, it's not a problem.


Please feel free to use the discussion page here, or to text me for any questions at all.  (If you email me, you need to text and let me know or I won't check my mail.)  This is pretty bare-bones, so if you need examples or resources, you may need to ask me for them.  Also, the assignments ask you to upload your work only twice, but I am happy to look at your progress as often as you like.  Don't hesitate; I'm so thrilled to share this with you guys.


Please post on the discussion board when you've arrived here! :)


1. Notation Software

An overview of your software options for writing down your arrangement, with pros and cons of different programs.


2. Song Selection

What makes a good song choice, where to purchase your music, and how to determine which key to perform it in.


3. Basic Template

Create a document, add the solo with lyrics, the bass line, and the recognizable harmonies.  This is your basic template for arranging.


4. Filling in the Blanks

Determine where you need to add more harmonies, check for voice leading problems, get creative with form and style.


5. Editing, Reworking, Finalizing

Peer editing, editing from Ms Lied, reworking problem sections, checking and double-checking that all your t's are crossed and your i's are dotted.

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