EMS Allergic Reaction/Anaphylaxis (1.5 Hours CE)


Glen LaBar Jr

Compliance Officer


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Person County Emergency Services April 2016 Con-ED

Allergic Reaction/Anaphylaxis

Couple of Comments/Answers from the discussion after the lecture:

1) All certified Medical Responders & EMTs are allowed to administer an Epi-Pen. The Epi-Pen can be the patients or come from EMS supply (meaning carried on your truck). 

2) We will be coming around to refresh all MRs and EMTs on all the available drugs. If the need is there, we can allow any MR/EMT, at the approval of Dr. Phillips, to administer Epi via a needle & syringe BUT it is NOT approved at this time.

3) EMTs are allowed to administer Albuterol if the patient has a prescription for the drug, meaning their doctor gave them a prescription to obtain it. This is something the EMT would have to confirm with that patient. If the patient is not prescribed Albuterol, the EMT would need to contact Medical Control at PMH (336-599-2083). Personally, I don't see this becoming an issue for allergic reactions since Epinephrine does provide broncho relief as well, but the option is there. (Calling Medical Control is something that will also be reviewed in the refresher)

Any questions regarding protocols, call me at the office (336-599-3136) or email me at glabar@personcounty.net. 

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