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The concept of this project will be to create a blended learning experience for medical students in their 3rd year as they rotate through the pediatrics department to complete their 8 week pediatric clerkship/rotation.  The purpose will be to teach clinical examination skills, diagnostic skills, and an understanding of pediatric patient management in both the outpatient and hospital settings.  This project will be a single module of blended learning curriculum containing information about the treatment of childhood asthma in both the inpatient and outpatient setting.  Asthma is the most common chronic childhood illness, affecting nearly 5 million people under the age of 18.  Consequently, the diagnosis and management of asthma is a staple in both the inpatient and outpatient setting and an important topic in any pediatric educational curriculum.  

Description of Current Curriculum for Comparison:

The curriculum for medical students during their pediatric clerkship is currently delivered through patient encounters supervised by resident and attending physicians, bedside teaching rounds led by attending physicians, lectures by faculty members, case reports led by residents at morning conference, and student presentations on patient cases in small groups of their peers.  However, there is a strong component of learning by individual study/reading.  The learners are also responsible for creating an Individualized Learning Plan designed to direct their independent learning on 3-4 pediatric topics or skills of their choice.

About the Learners:

Most 3rd year medical students entering their clerkship have minimal experience in pediatrics as well as working with children.  They have had two years of classroom work learning the foundations of medicine.  However, most of those first two are directed at learning the foundations of medicine as they apply to adults.  Children are not tiny adults.  They have different and unique exposures, differing developmental physiology and metabolism, have a unique set of diagnoses and management considerations, and are a vulnerable population.  Therefore, there is much to learn for the medical student entering the pediatric clerkship.

Student Directions:

The online modules are set up by diagnosis.  You are responsible for choosing and completing one online module that corresponds to a diagnosis given to a patient you have seen and followed in the last week.  Therefore each week of your 8 week rotation, you should complete one module corresponding to a case that you are actively following (for a total of 8 modules).   Your are responsible for posting 1 reflection per module on the discussion board that relates to the case that you chose, AND also responsible for responding to at least 1 other student’s post on a case (this may be the same or different case from your own).  Make sure you take the quiz at the end of each module, it will be apart of your grade.  Please print the module certificates at the end of each module.  You will be responsible for turning them in at the end of your rotation.

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