Dorothy George

Dorothy is an experienced integrated marketing and business development strategist with proven ability to create, plan, and implement marketing strategies that grow businesses and capture specified target markets. She has diverse experience in secondary education, financial services, retail, hospitality and restaurant, e-commerce, and business consulting industries. She is skilled in internet marketing planning, digital and traditional marketing planning, social media strategy, strategic planning, business development, and integrated marketing consulting with a history of adhering to the limited budgets of small business.


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Email has great importance in modern business communication. Every day, millions of emails are sent, replied to, forwarded or deleted in the digital universe.

This course will explore how to communicate effectively and efficiently using email. You will learn when and when not to use email. When to use the CC and BCC elements of the emails. How to write a subject line that will attract your recipient attention. Learn the skills to write professional greetings, openings and closings. We will also discuss business writing, writing styles, and tone. Even if you have been using email since the days of AOL's "You've got mail", this course will still be beneficial to you. 


In this course, we’ll go over everything you need to know to write highly effective emails, including:

  • Common email mistakes and ways to avoid them
  • When to send your emails
  • How to write highly effective subject lines that get your emails opened
  • How you should construct the body of your emails so people actually read them from start to finish
  • Why you need a powerful call to action, and how to create one that spurs readers to take immediate action
  • What email etiquette you need to follow and the potential pitfalls you need to watch out for when writing email

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