EM-DA Damage Assessment Programs


Sarah Thompson

Sarah is an Emergency Management professional who has worked in Vancouver and Toronto, Canada. Her recent work focuses on Damage Assessment program development for municipal governments, especially the integration of work between Building departments and emergency management as well as establishing the role of non-profit and community agencies in response and recovery. Her experience and interests also include a strong background in Emergency Social Services (ESS), psycho-social first aid, and spontaneous volunteer management. Feel free to contact her any time!


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This course provides information and resources that will enable participants to plan an effective damage assessment program within the context of Canadian municipal Emergency Management. This course addresses both the necessity and complexity of creating a Damage Assessment programs and plans, as well as methods for collaboration with civic departments, community and professional organisations.

This course will answer the following core questions

  • What is Damage Assessment, and why have a program?
  • What factors influence the Damage Assessment program?
  • How do I build a  Damage Assessment program?

Through these objectives

  • Explain basic concept of operations for damage assessment
  • Explain common terminology for Damage Assessment
  • Describe the relevance of Damage Assessment to municipal Emergency Management
  • Explain how Canadian federal, provincial and municipal standards and regulations relate to Damage Assessment
  • Provide examples of Damage Assessment program models and best-practice
  • Explain the process for planning the damage assessment program.
  • Describe the roles and responsibilities of Damage Assessment
  • Explain Incident Management/Command System (IMS/ICS) as a management structure for Damage Assessment

Target Audience

Emergency Management professionals or other civic employees tasked with creating a Damage Assessment Program within an emergency management context.


Local officials who are responsible for supervision of programs which involve the assessment of damage to private or public critical infrastructure, as the result of an emergency incident.

Recommended pre-requisite: Knowledge of Emergency Management, understanding of IMS/ICS framework.

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