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Corporate Approach S. L. was founded in 2005, and it is the result of an encounter of professionals with common goals convinced that access to knowledge must not be elitist.  At first, Corporate Approach focused its attention on teaching companies, and now we are diversifying our offer by providing courses oriented to a much wider audience. We can make a difference helping those students whose skills have kept them from getting that dream job. We are specialists in intermediate and upper intermediate levels. We do offer services for lower levels; however, we feel can deliver our best performance with intermediate and upper intermediate levels. Throughout our brief history we, have rendered our services to government and private institutions and helped a significant​ number of students to pass official English exams.

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Juliet Karagineva


This course of English is being specially developed for elica-elevator students. We have decided to create a course following a unique plan up until now. Since we count on three beginner groups, we are going to upload the material needed for every class. It is to say, we are creating numbered files, and our students only need to use the material in chronological order. The classes are going to be scheduled in the webinars; it is to say the virtual classroom we are going to use twice a week with every group. In every chapter the student is going to count on all the material needed and instructions to complete the required activities. 

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