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    When we talk about the term drama in English class, we're not talking about gossip and scandalous rumors (#savethedramaforyourmama).  Drama is the type of story told in plays that are performed in a theater.  But what is so different about a story that's told in a theater?  A lot.  

  1. We'll begin this online study of theater in Step1: Introduction to Drama, where you'll watch a brief video on the two types of drama and use the information presented there to complete your guided outline.
  2. Next, in Step 2: Pause and Reflect, you'll pause and reflect on the video by discussing some of your favorite comedies and tragedies on the discussion board.  
  3. After that, we'll dive a little further into our definition of drama in Step 3: Video Spotlight by looking at some other key characteristics of plays that make their storytelling so unique.  
  4. And following our second video, we'll complete a brief quiz in Step 4: Race to the Finish to show off what we learned.

Course content

  • Step 1: Introduction to Drama

  • Step 2: Pause and Reflect: Key Elements of Drama

  • Step 3: Video Spotlight: Conventions of Drama

  • Step 4: Gravity!

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