Tena E. Fulghum, ED.S

As an educational consultant and instructor, My job consists of providing teachers, coaches, and administrators in both elementary and middle grades with face to face professional development in research based reading and math practice. I also work with school districts to achieve success implementing their particular state version of the Common Core State Standards. I conduct site implementation visits where I work one-on-one with faculty members to educate them in best practices in student learning through presentations, model lessons, and side by side coaching. Additionally, I work with administrators, coaches, and teachers in RtI implementation including extensive instruction on how to meet the needs of strategic and intensive students, data analysis, and curriculum development.

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This Training has been designed to provide you with the essential knowledge and skills to successfully use the GO MATH Curriculum with students who have learning difficulties in Grades K-5. This course will focus on materials and resources found within the program and the proper use of those resources in conjunction with implementation of best instructional practices.

Every session has a video, text, and response component. The videos are to be watched first. They often explain the proper use of the GO MATH materials inside the topic that is covered. The text component is a brief reading that provides additional explanation of  the GO MATH materials or provides additional research/pedagogy that is used in conjunction. The final component is the response section by the participant. This often a reflection question or a required task and response. These are written on this site and submitted electronically. The videos and reading can be found under the Content tab and then under the Session title. The written response task can be found underneath the Task tab located above and then under the session number. 


Please Click on the video below for an overview of the sessions and the GO MATH materials.



This session is designed for Special Educators in the Upper Darby School District.

Course content

  • Session 1: Teaching For Depth with GO MATH

  • Session 2: Using Formative Assessment in GO MATH (Show What You Know and Mid-Chapter Checkpoint)

  • Session 3: GO MATH Structure, Content/Fluency, and Memory

  • Session 4a: Instructional Strategies (Counting and Cardinality)

  • Session 4b: Instructional Strategies (Place Value Addition and Subtraction)

  • Session 4c: Instructional Strategies (Multiplication and Division)

  • Session 4d: Instructional Strategies (Fractions)

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