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Sandychris Inchiparamban

Junior Research Fellow (UGC)

I am a Junior Research Fellow, working on my doctoral degree at the Department of Education, University of Mumbai. As part of my research, I, along with my guide, Dr. Sudha Pingle, have created this MOOC on Educational Technology. This MOOC was designed keeping in mind would-be teachers and the need to equip them with the basic knowledge of educational technology. However, I hope it reaches as many as possible (teaching and non-teaching fraternities) and help in building a strong foundation of educational technology.

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What is that one technological tool that you remember from your school days? Something that your teachers used to instruct, to teach? Books, yes! And, books are still around. A blackboard, most probably! Or, in some instances (if your school had the necessary facility), an overhead projector.

Nowadays, however, these tools, which once adorned our classrooms, have taken a back seat. They have been almost replaced by newer technology. The classrooms of today are definitely different from the ones we studied in.

Are we, as teachers, ready to teach in such classrooms? Are we equipped sufficiently? This course, while taking you on a journey of educational technology, intends to build a foundation of educational technology to get you ready for the techno-savvy classrooms of today.


Ms. Sandychris Inchiparamban, Junior Research Fellow (UGC), Department of Education, University of Mumbai

Dr. Sudha Pingle, Assistant Professor, Department of Education, University of Mumbai

Course content

  • Module 1 - Educational Technology - Getting Started

  • Module 2 - The Benefits, Limitations, and Disadvantages of Using Technology

  • Module 3 - Tools You Can Use In the Classroom

  • Module 4 - Tools You Can Use In the Classroom and Beyond

  • Module 5 - The Computer and The Internet

  • Module 6 - What About the Infrastructure?

  • Module 7 - All About e-Learning

  • Module 8 - Instructional Design - An Upcoming Field

  • Module 9 - Where Are We Headed?

  • Module 10 - The Future

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