Volunteer Orientation 2018-2019 School Year


Lee-Ann Scott

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maraym echaibi
I like it because it teaches you the basis so as to avoid any problem and excel on your job without causing any harm to children


Good Day Volunteer Candidates,

This online course is a way to relay information to volunteer candidates who can't make the in-person Orientation workshop due to scheduling. Volunteer orientation is mandatory for all potential volunteers (with some exemptions--contact us for details).  

Please consider completing our other online courses: How To Support English Language Learners, Volunteering with Poverty in Mind, Support Students that use Assistive Technology and Learning Strategies to give you knowledge and tools to make you a better volunteer.  These courses are available upon request by emailing Lee-Ann Scott lscott@onfe-rope.ca or calling 613-366-3085 x253. 

For this online course, please read each of the numbered Content Sections then if applicable answer the corresponding Tasks and Quizzes. I will receive notification of when you have completed the course and will update your volunteer records. 

Thank you for your gift of time. This course takes about 2  hours to complete. 

NOTE: Please do not 'cut and paste' your answers from the content but take time to reflect on your response. 

Lee-Ann Scott

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