EE203143: Analog and Digital Electronics


Ganesh N Jadhav

Assistant Professor

Hello, I am Prof. Ganesh N. Jadhav working as an Assistant Professor in Electrical Engineeering at K.K. Wagh Institute of Engineering Education and Research, Nashik, Maharashtra, India 422003. I am working in the field of engineering education from last 14 years. I completed diploma from Govt Polytechnic, Solapur (1999), graduation in electrical engineering from Govt College of Engineering, Chandrapur from Nagpur University (2002) and post graduation from College of Engineering, Pune from Pune University (2004).

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  •  Basics of numbering system.
  •  Basics of diodes and BJT.

Course Objective:

  • To demonstrate the concept of numbering system & Boolean’s algebra reduction using K map.
  • To design and analyze sequential and combinational circuits.
  • To develop the concept of basics of operational Amplifier and its applications.
  • To introduction to BJT and diode rectifier.

Course Outcome: 

  • At the end of course learner must be able to
    CO1: Convert numbers in dierent numbering system, perform binary arithmetic and reduce Boolean
    expressions by K- Map.
    CO2: Demonstrate basics of various types of Flip ops, design registers and counter.
    CO3: Analyze parameter of Op-amp and its applications.
    CO4: Apply the knowledge of Op-amp as wave form generators and lters.
    CO5: Apply BJT as an amplier with various congurations.
    CO6: Design and Analysis of uncontrolled rectifier


Module 01: Numbering System

Introduction to course : objectives and outcomes, Numbering systems-binary, octal, decimal and hexadecimal and their conversion, codes:BCD, Grey and excess3, Binary arithmetic:addition and subtraction by 1's and 2's compliment.

Module 02: Booleans algebra

Booleans algebra, De-Morgan's theory etc. K-map: - structure for two, three and four Variables, SOP and POS form reduction of
Boolean expressions by K-map.


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