Health Promotion

Health Promotion

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Utah's mission is to have zero fatalities on our roads and this interactive course is aimed at educating teens alongside their parents to better reach that goal. The link directed at the bottom right, titled Be Smart. Be Safe. will take you through the presentation, discussing the 5 most harmful behaviors of driving and provide information on some life-saving tips. Please take time to watch the related videos and critically discuss with your parent/child the importance of the choices you make behind the wheel.

At the bottom of each slide, there will be links located to the right and left to move forward and back through the presentation. Once you have you completed going through all the information, please direct yourself towards the top of the page and click on the Tasks link to locate the Zero Fatalities quiz. After completing the quiz, you will be able to see the overall result and choose to try again or submit. Once you have submitted, you will receive the certificate of Completion via email once your administrator has approved your submission.

Since Zero Fatalities has started, we have seen a decrease in fatalities on our roads. We hope it is in correlation with our efforts, but as you will see, we still have a lot of work to do. What rules can be set for your vehicle, so that your friends and family may come home safely each and every day? 

Course content

  • Be Smart. Be Safe.

  • The 5 Behaviors

  • (1) Drowsy Driving

  • Drowsy Teen Vs. Guard Rail

  • Tyler & Darrin's Story

  • The 5 Life-Saving Tips for Drowsy Driving

  • (2) Distracted Driving

  • Driven to Distraction: Inattention Blindness

  • Reggie Shaw's Story

  • The 5 Life-Saving Tips for Distracted Driving

  • (3) Aggressive Driving

  • Speeding Kills

  • The 5 Life-Saving Tips for Aggressive Driving

  • (4) Impaired Driving

  • Blake's Story

  • The 5 Life-Saving Tips for Impaired Driving

  • (5) Not Buckling Up

  • Seat Belt Effectiveness

  • Buckle Up & Save Lives

  • The 5 Life-Saving Tips for Not Buckling Up

  • The 5 Behaviors

  • Don't Drive Stupid

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