Component 2a: Creating an Environment of Respect and Rapport



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Andre Esters
This exercise was effective in getting me to be more cognizant of my actual behavior in class.
Ireneo Abadejos


Welcome to Creating an Environment of Respect and Rapport! Teachers' primary goal during this initial period is to establish a classroom climate that supports learning. When effective teachers first meet with students, they convey the message that they are competent, prepared, and in charge. Good classroom managers help students feel safe and comfortable by presenting an orderly atmosphere, addressing their uncertainties, and planning activities that allow students to be successful. Effective managers establish positive relationships through their planning and behavior—the way they structure classroom situations, the way they show interest in students, the way they communicate.


This module gives you the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of how to use effective interpersonal communication to cultivate a learning environment built upon mutual respect. As a result of this lesson, the learner will:

  • Define effective classroom management, articulate its importance, and break it down into its elements, including by building an understanding of the connection between interpersonal communication within the classroom and student achievement; and
  • Think critically and self-reflectively about your own communication styles and practices.


This self-paced module should take approximately 30 minutes to complete and consists of the following activities:

Upon completion of this module you will be able to print a certificate of completion that can be used for your professional portfolio.

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