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Education Affordable quality GEDeducare Curricula for home education, academies & learning centres. The aim of GEDeducare Curricula is to lay the foundations to give the semi-dependent students in South Africa a broader knowledge of GED®. ​GEDeducare curricula supports students from the ages of 13, using this learning program and require a tutor/invigilator/parent to grade the students tasks to aid with their learning experience!


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1. Life and living 

1.1 Plants and animals on Earth 

1.1.1 Many different plants and animals
1.1.2 Interdependence in an ecosystem
1.1.3 Animal types 

1.2 Animal skeletons

1.2.1 Skeletons of vertebrates
1.2.2 Movement in Vertebrates 

1.3 Skeletons as structures 

1.3.1 Structures 

1.4 Food chains 

1.4.1 Food and feeding in plants and animals 
1.4.2 Food chains

1.5 Life cycles 

1.5.1 Growth and development 
1.5.2 Plant life cycles 
1.5.3 Animal life cycles . 

2. Matter and Materials 

2.1 Metals and non-metals 

2.1.1 Properties of metals 
2.1.2 Properties of non-metals

2.2 Uses of metals 

2.2.1 Special properties of metals
2.2.2 Uses of metals

2.3 Processing materials 

2.3.1 Combining materials 

2.4 Processed materials 

2.4.1 Properties and uses 
2.4.2 Traditional processing 

3 Energy and Change 

3.1 Stored energy in fuels 

3.1.1 What are fuels?
3.1.2 Burning fuels 
3.1.3 Safety with fire

3.2 Energy and electricity 

3.2.1 Cells and batteries 
3.2.2 Mains electricity
3.2.3 Safety and electricity

3.3 Energy and movement 

3.3.1 Elastics and springs 

3.4 Systems for moving things 

3.4.1 Wheels and axles

4 Earth and beyond 

4.1 Planet Earth 

4.1.1 The Earth moves 

4.2 Surface of the Earth

4.2.1 Rocks 
4.2.2 Soil comes from rocks 
4.2.3 Soil types 

4.3 Sedimentary rocks 

4.3.1 Formation of sedimentary rock 
4.3.2 Uses of sedimentary rock

4.4 Fossils 

4.4.1 Fossils in rock 
4.4.2 Body and trace fossils
4.4.3 Importance of South African fossils


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