Noli G. Resterio, LPT

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  1. Course Code and Title:  EDUC 114 – Education Technology

  2. Course Unit(s):    3

  3. Course Prerequisites: None

  4. Instructor:  Noli G. Resterio

  5. Date Prepared/Revised: June, 2015

  6. Course Description:

    This course designed to introduce both traditional and innovative technologies to facilitate and foster meaningful and effective learning. Students are expected to demonstrate a sound understanding of the nature, application and production of the various types of educational technologies as well as various forms of electronic and digital technology can play in the teaching/learning process and how you can engage these processes in your classroom. Students will become skilled in some of the many digital tools used in today's schools. In addition, you will be exposed to basic theories of communication, selection, evaluation and research, and will be assisted in determining appropriate applications of these theories and techniques in educational settings. Drill and practice outside of class time will be necessary to reach a high degree of competence.


  7. Course Outcomes:


 After completing this course, the student will be able to:


  • Describe the role of technology in education or learning.

  • Explain alternative learning environments (student-centered learning, multi-sensory stimulation, multi-media, and information exchange, etc.).

  • Examine advantages and disadvantages of computer-based instruction.

  • Create online bulletin boards using Visual Principles.

  • Design instructional-media-enhanced lesson designs, particularly online lessons housed in a course management system.

  • Appreciate the value of media in learning.



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