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    This is an eight-day unit designed for a public Kindergarten, beginning level English Language Learners class in Madrid, Spain. The topic of this unit will be describing animals. This unit will consist a series of short lessons that introduce vocabulary words that deal with recognizing the colors, actions, numbers, shapes, and sounds that animals make. For example, students will learn how to identify the color yellow by pairing it with a Giraffe, or the color red while pairing it with a bird. That way children are exposed to English with a fun, exciting, and graspable theme. The overall goal of this unit is to make learning fun and creative for young children because they learn better when activities are exciting. This is a vocabulary based unit.


1. By the end of this unit student will be able to identify shapes, colors, quantity, animal sounds, descriptive words, and verb actions. 

2. Students will be able to categorize animals into set classes based on size, shape, colors, and actions.

3. Students will be able to describe the size, shapes, colors, quantity, and actions of individual animals.

4. Students will be able to verbally articulate the differences between two contrasting animal characteristics.

5. Students will be able to select the appropriate animals based on their specific characteristics. 


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