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Welcome to the EAGLES Tutoring Program on-line tutor training!

The mission of the EAGLES (Enhancing Adult Georgians’ Life and Education Skills) Tutoring Program is to deliver basic academic skills tutoring to adults in a one-to-one or small group setting in an on-campus environment. Our goal is to provide tutoring that will aid adult students seeking to improve their basic skills or obtain their GED. Local adult students are paired with Georgia Southern students and/or faculty and staff seeking service learning and volunteer experiences working with adults. The EAGLES Tutoring Program serves adult students age 18 and over in Statesboro, GA and the surrounding area. 

Helping adults improve their  basic skills is an important task that requires training; the goal of this website is to provide a web-based training alternative to face-to-face training.This training will prepare you to be a volunteer for the EAGLES Tutoring Program, focusing on adult basic education and GED skills for adults. Your work as a volunteer greatly increases our capacity to serve adult students enrolled in our program from the surrounding area. 

To complete the tutor training, move through the topics on the left. You may log in and out to complete the training at your own pace however you should complete the training before you come to your first tutoring session. There are four (4) tasks to complete. These are listed in blue on each respective topic page. You can also find a list of them under the "Tasks" tab however you will need to visit the Topic page to access the task.  It will take you approximately two hours to complete all the topics in this course. Your progress will be monitored and evaluated by Dr. Amelia Davis and Julia Popowski (a graduate assistant in the College of Education). When you have completed all the required tasks, you will be issued a certificate of completion for the tutor training. 

Please contact Dr. Davis or Julia with any questions or feedback at any time during your training or volunteer experience.

Dr. Davis adavis@georgiasouthern.edu 

Julia jp04844@georgiasouthern.edu

Thank you, again, for being part of the EAGLES Tutoring Program! 


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