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Here we will be creating the projects and the courseware relevant to bits dysoc course

Course content

  • Topic 1

  • Outline


  • Questions For interview(PHD)

  • Assignment 1

  • Assignment 2

  • Work allotment

  • Important Notice ()

  • Topics of research Paper Mailed by Prasanta Sir

  • Chapter-3 Research Design

  • A sample report

  • DYSOC (Slides Chapterwise)

  • Important Notice()

  • Kanan Sir's Interview

  • Questions for Faculty Members!

  • Barely Speaking(BR with RB)

  • Faculty Appointments for Interview!

  • General Code of Conduct During Interview!

  • Important Notice()

  • Chemistry Department Research Scenario

  • Changing Scenario of Science in India.

  • Research on genetic testing in Europe( Social Aspect)

  • Introduction( An Invitation to edit)!

  • Seminar Preparations!!

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