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Mission Statement of "Dulce Bebe Doula Training International": Our mission is for you to become a certified trained birth doula at low cost to you and to receive a great education at the same time!  We also include a pregnancy facilitator training within our program, so you can lead pregnancy groups in your area at little or no cost to pregnant moms! We plan to add a postpartum doula training in the future as well. Our website is

Program Philosophy: We believe every mother should have a doula if she wants one at her birth. A lot of mothers need a doula, but they are low income mothers and cannot always afford a doula. There are a few programs out there that will not allow you work with low income mothers because of their rules/policies. We do not have such a policy or will ever adopt such a policy. We want you to be able to 1) afford our program 2) so you can go out and help pregnant mothers give birth and 3) Facilitate Pregnancy Groups in your local area (if so desired).
Future program goal--we would like to offer our program in Spanish for Spanish speakers. We will be looking into this option after the English version has been tested, so this might be a year from now.

Pregnancy Facilitator Training: What is that? It just means we give you tips and methods on running a local pregnancy group for mothers. You will be given some guidelines to follow and then you will be running your own group in no time! If you wish to take this facilitator training as a separate training, we may offer that in the future.

Evidence Based Birth Training: We believe in using evidence based birth information for our training. We find articles and websites for you to look over. You will learn how to do case studies and more. You will also need a pregnant mother to work with. It is optional but recommended to find a local doula to shadow as well.

Rebozo Training included: In one of our books, there's a chapter in the back that goes over rebozo techniques. We back that up with videos to learn the rebozo techniques.

What style is our program? We plan to offer a free sample of our program soon. At the moment it will be mostly on through classroom, videos from and Power Point slides. See FAQ for system requirements.

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