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This online 'course' will walk you through the steps to submitting a strong Fulbright application as a Drexel student or alumni, including our best advice, support, and resources.

We encourage you to actively use the resources here, and to submit your ideas, drafts, revisions for review and comment by the Drexel Fellowships Office in each "task" or module. All components might not seem immediately necessary, and you're free to skip around as inspiration strikes. Nonetheless, we've designed all the components to anticipate what you'll likely need to submit a strong application, so encourage you to make your way through all the sections and exercises. 

  • Getting Started
  • Digging In
  • Application Materials
  • The Application Process (campus and national)
  • Some Easy Stuff

Have any questions? Post your question to the discussion board here, to our Fulbright Fridays on social media (1-3pm), or email your question to us directly:  

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