Diversity & Cross-Cultural Competence: PT. 1: AWARENESS


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Learning Program Description:

This three hour learning program for caregivers facilitates awareness of the importance of culture, cultural identity, diversity, inclusion, and implications for persons served.  This learning program will provide caregivers with a framework to participate in individual reflective practice, evaluation, and goal setting.



Learning Objectives:

By the end of this 3 hour learning program, learners will be able to:

  1. Define cultural identity and describe why it is important.
  2. Define cross-cultural competence and describe characteristics of competency in his or her own words.
  3. Identify the six levels of cross-cultural competence according to the Cultural Competence Continuum.
  4. Evaluate, individually and organizationally, current levels of cross-cultural competence.
  5. Identify and describe five core competencies related to cross-cultural competence.
  6. Set goals, individually and organizationally, related to growth in cross-cultural competence.
  7. Recognize at least three key aspects of cultural identity.
  8. Examine key aspects of his or her own cultural identity.
  9. Examine key aspects of cultural identity related to persons served.
  10. With confidence, prepare a plan to continue increasing awareness about cultural identity in a way that cultivates better relationships and grows more potential in the persons he or she serves.

Learner Tasks:

In order to complete this program, learners are required to:

  1. Download and print the complete learning program handout attached by clicking on the "Tasks" tab above.
  2. Read, watch, listen, and interact with every segment of course content.
  3. Respond by writing reflections on each activity and answers for each question in the handout.
  4. Participate in the online Learner Response Survey (powered by SurveyMonkey) following the completion of all course content and activities.
  5. Download/print/publish your Completion Certificate by clicking on the "Certificate" tab above.
  6. Congratulations, you're ready for Diversity & Cross-cultural Competence PART 2: DIALOGUE!

Learner Response Survey Question:

By the end of this learning program, what do you hope to achieve?

(Remember, following the completion of all course content and activities, you will be asked to transfer these answers to the online Learner Response Survey (powered by SurveyMonkey).

Course content

  • (1) What is cultural identity and why is it important?

  • (2) What is cross-cultural competence?

  • (3) How can I evaluate my cross-cultural competence?

  • (4) How can I become more cross-culturally competent?

  • (5) How am I unique? Exploring your cultural identity

  • (6) How are others unique? Exploring the cultural identity of the person you serve.

  • (7) What's Next?: Ready, Willing, & Able

  • About Your Facilitator

  • References

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