Marinella Garcia Sy

Teacher/Instructional Designer


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Course Description

Exploration of current trends in Development Education that include theory, methodology and their applications.

Learning Objectives and Outcomes

LO1. Familiarize with the components of a dissertation proposal; 

LO2. Write a review of related literature of  the approved dissertation topic and establish a conceptual framework upon which the research problem is based;

LO3. Write an introduction of the dissertation problem with developed issues of educational concern; the purpose of the research study and the research problems; the conceptual framework on which the study is based; the significance of the study to whom the research would be beneficial; the scope and limitation; location of the study; and the definition of terms specific to the study;

LO4. Write a research plan to answer the research problems, data gathering techniques; sampling procedure and data analysis scheme;

LO5. Make an introduction and methodology of the approved dissertation title and come up with a dissertation proposal formatted according to the BASC-IGS format;

LO6. Critique and analyze other research papers relevant to the approved dissertation topic;

LO7. Apply for the selection of the dissertation adviser; and

LO8. Defend the dissertation proposal to the members of the evaluation panel. 


Assessment Criteria

Oral and written examination                  20%

Class participation and attendance        20%

Research paper/extension project          20% 

Report (mastery/delivery)                       20% 

Total                                                     100%                                                    

Course content

  • L01. CHED Priority Research Areas

  • L02. The Dissertation Proposal

  • L03. Choosing the Dissertation Topic

  • L04. The Introduction

  • L05. Guidelines in the Dissertation Title Defense

  • L06. The Research Methodology

  • L07. Review of Related Literature and Studies

  • L08. Dissertation Proposal Defense

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